How to Set Up Your Own Cannabis Growing Tent

What a time to be alive! The use of cannabis has been finally approved and wholly legalized in a lot of different states across the USA. Scientists, healthcare providers, and lawmakers have finally agreed that regulating the use of cannabis is better and safer for users—especially for medicinal purposes. Now that everything has been legalized, for those that would be interested to grow their own cannabis, it would be important to set a few things straight:

  • Check your state laws – while cannabis is legal for some states, they may have different parameters for the amount you can grow and any permits you will need.
  • You have to be of legal age – if you are underage, please do not even attempt to do so.

If you have checked your state laws, have the right documentation, and are of legal age, let’s get started on how you can set up your own Cannabis growing tent!

What is a Growing Tent?

A growing tent is usually a highly portable and very reusable space. It will usually require lighting and ventilation. While there are growing tent that are usually just a tent, there are those that are a bit more complete—just a little bit more expensive.

How to Set It Up

Put the tent together

If you order a tent, it can be fairly easy to put it up. Just follow the instructions. You just need to make sure that you build it where you are planning to keep it.

Hang the light inside

The growing light is necessary for the cannabis to grow properly. While you can do the light installation yourself, it is highly recommended that you get an electrician to do it for you. That way, you don’t have to worry about potential faulty wiring.

Install the ventilation

Plants still need air in order to grow. Most growing tent kits come with a ventilation fan. You can have the electrician set this up for you as well.

Do final checks to ensure everything is working.

And You Are Done!

Now that you’ve set up your tent, it would be time to get your growing kits and get started! Good Luck!

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