About M Bali

Have you ever wondered how things grow? I certainly have. I think it’s a pretty great thing how certain things can be affected simply because you do certain things while they are still in the most basic form or if you affect a few changes to the environment they grow in.

The whole concept of growing things and how we affect change is wholly fascinating.

Hello, everyone and welcome to M Bali! The name is Anthony Kimmell and you can pretty much say that I am a growth nut. I like learning things about how to make things grow and the many different ways that we can affect the growth that occurs. I’m not just limiting my discussions to plants (although they’re amazing). I’m also going to be discussing people, animals, and all sorts of things that progress with time.

This blog is going to be dissecting certain details and will be featuring some ‘how to’ discussions. I certainly hope that they’ll teach you a thing or two. Better yet, plant a seed of curiosity! If there’s anything in particular that you would want me to feature or discuss, let me know at info@mbali.info. Help me grow this site and we can all learn new things together!