Traits You Need If You Want to Grow Something Successfully

In an earlier discussion, M Bali introduced the idea of having and setting up your own Cannabis growing tent. Since then, I’ve received several messages and calls regarding actually growing anything in general. People have wondered if there was any particular trait that was needed to grow something rather successfully.

It gave me something to think about and I do believe that, yes, there are certain traits that you will need. Let’s discuss which particular traits would be important when you want to grow something in your life.


When it comes to growing anything from fruit trees to a simple flower bush, patience is needed. One needs to be patient about getting the processes of preparing the soil or the container where the seeds are to be placed. Once the seeds have been put in, it requires patience to see the fruit of your labors.

The trouble with the generations of people today is the fact that instant gratification is usually the order of the day.


When it comes to taking care of something that is growing, discipline is really, really needed. A significant amount of discipline is required to be consistent about the processes that go into growing something like watering it everyday, remembering to give it enough light or to take it to the shade when the sun is too hot, and so many other different things.

So if you are thinking of growing something whether it’s a tree or Cannabis, be sure to test if you have the discipline needed for it.

To Conclude

It is interesting to note that the traits discussed above aren’t just restricted to growing plants or even raising animals. They can be applied to personal relationships as well. So if you are ever thinking of growing something, think carefully if you are able to maintain the traits that are needed.

What other traits would you think are needed when it comes to growing something successfully?

How Growth Hormones Can Actually Be Beneficial For You

If people didn’t need a little help reaching their best potential, vitamins would never have been invented and used! Hello and welcome back to M Bali! Today, I wanted to discuss the concept of growth hormones as used by people.

What are Growth Hormones?

A human growth hormone usually has a bad reputation—this is because it is commonly believed that athletes use them to cheat. However, what a lot of people do not realize is the fact that it is quite natural and even is normally comprised of testosterone.

Testosterone is something that is naturally produced by our bodies but in some cases, our body does not create enough. This is why growth hormones are actually pretty helpful. In fact, let’s take a look at other reasons why growth hormones would be rather beneficial for us in general:

Boosts Muscle Strength

Not everyone is capable of wholly improving their muscle strength. There are always special instances like an illness or an accident that impairs the body’s natural capability to strengthen muscles. Growth hormones can help boost the muscle strength which can help impaired individuals have better use of their motor skills.

Boosts Weight Loss

When your body’s processes are activated or even pushed, it consumes energy and burns fat. For extreme cases of obesity, growth hormones are actually recommended and even wholly administered. The hormones accelerate the body’s processes and promote the dissolution of fat all over the body. Growth hormones are best paired with a well-balanced calorie restricted diets.

Healthier Heart

In cases of the elderly, growth hormones can actually help with reducing their risk for cardiovascular diseases.

To Conclude

Growth hormones and their benefits are not just restricted to the ones I’ve mentioned. They have a lot of other good effects on the human physiology. I highly suggest that you guys take a bit of time to discover the other benefits growth hormones have!

Which benefit would you be more interested in?

How to Set Up Your Own Cannabis Growing Tent

What a time to be alive! The use of cannabis has been finally approved and wholly legalized in a lot of different states across the USA. Scientists, healthcare providers, and lawmakers have finally agreed that regulating the use of cannabis is better and safer for users—especially for medicinal purposes. Now that everything has been legalized, for those that would be interested to grow their own cannabis, it would be important to set a few things straight:

  • Check your state laws – while cannabis is legal for some states, they may have different parameters for the amount you can grow and any permits you will need.
  • You have to be of legal age – if you are underage, please do not even attempt to do so.

If you have checked your state laws, have the right documentation, and are of legal age, let’s get started on how you can set up your own Cannabis growing tent!

What is a Growing Tent?

A growing tent is usually a highly portable and very reusable space. It will usually require lighting and ventilation. While there are growing tent that are usually just a tent, there are those that are a bit more complete—just a little bit more expensive.

How to Set It Up

Put the tent together

If you order a tent, it can be fairly easy to put it up. Just follow the instructions. You just need to make sure that you build it where you are planning to keep it.

Hang the light inside

The growing light is necessary for the cannabis to grow properly. While you can do the light installation yourself, it is highly recommended that you get an electrician to do it for you. That way, you don’t have to worry about potential faulty wiring.

Install the ventilation

Plants still need air in order to grow. Most growing tent kits come with a ventilation fan. You can have the electrician set this up for you as well.

Do final checks to ensure everything is working.

And You Are Done!

Now that you’ve set up your tent, it would be time to get your growing kits and get started! Good Luck!