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Current news

    Updated June 28

  1. Somaliland: Lasanod placed under curfew
  2. Brexit is inspiration for Somaliland-BBC
  3. What closing Kenyan refugee camps means for Somalia-The Hill
  4. Economist Editorial Claims 'Minor Forms' Of Female Genital Mutilation OK
  5. Somalia rides the ups and downs of a global oil crisis-Aljazeera
  6. Malawi President tells starving citizens to eat mice and grasshoppers-CCTV Africa
  7. Somalia launches initiative to spur investment-Xinhua
  8. One Somali Family, Two Deadly Tragedies-VOA
  9. Training Women Peacekeepers-VOA
  10. UNICEF calls for rights of all Somali children to be respected-UNICEF
  11. Through music and songs, refugees keep memories of Somalia alive-Indian Express
  12. Swearing-in of Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Somalia-U.S. Dept of State
  13. Somalia launches platform for Public and Private sector Dialogue-video
  14. US, Somalia Launch New Chapter in Relations-VOA
  15. Somalia: KDF Kills 40 Al-Shabaab Militants in Airstrikes
  16. Fadumo Dayib: Economic development, Security, Truth and Reconciliation define my presidency
  17. African Troops Fighting Al-Shabab in Somalia 'Not Receiving EU Allowances': Report - Newsweek
    Updated June 27

  18. How Somaliland made its government work for the people-Open democracy
  19. Does Somaliland Need Islamic Banking, Coventional banking or Dual Banking system?
  20. Dealing with de-risking: a tale of tenacity and creativity-World Bank
  21. Somaliland-Ethiopia Border Incidents Show Fragility of Peace in The Horn
  22. National Leadership Forum agree on implementation of key instruments to fast track Somalia's electoral process
  23. Somalia's Al-Shabaab Down but Far from Out- International Crisis Group
  24. Muslim Cops Make America Great Again-Daily Beast
  25. How can Oxfam, and the development sector in East Africa, make best use of ICTs?
  26. The Economist prompts outrage as it backs 'minor FGM'-The Guardian
  27. Inside the secret Somalia rehab camp for former Shabab members
  28. Dahabshiil fears reduced remittances over Brexit vote-The Star
  29. Kenya plans to repatriate 150000 Somali refugees
  30. The African migrants giving up on the Chinese dream-CNN?
  31. Somali cabinet minister who called Toronto home killed in Al-Shabaab hotel
  32. Paralyzing injury, language barrier, doesn't stop Dalmar Jimale-Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal
  33. Sending refugees to Somalia will ignite health crisis in East Africa-Daily Nation
  34. African Union troops in Somalia not paid for six months-BBC
  35. Somalia launches platform for Public and Private sector Dialogue-VIDEO
  36. Somalia's drone of elections
  37. Somali Refugees Struggle in Shadow of Forced Return
  38. Puntland's leading news radio closed-RSF
  39. Somalia: Al-Shabaab Claims Responsibility of Hotel Attack
  40. Kenya clamps down on journalists covering war on al-Shabaab-The Guardian
  41. Rocky future for Somalia's ancient cave art- AFP
  42. Somaliland: High taxes force bottling water companies to stop production
  43. Somaliland: State and Elders Deliberate on the Gashamo Massacre
  44. Somaliland: Let's set our minds forward
  45. Somaliland: Joint Liyuu Police and Ex--ONLF Rebels Plan to Eliminate Non Ogaden Somalis in Zone Five
  46. The Struggles Of A Ramadan Fast (In A Non-Muslim Office)-video
  47. US reveals use of defensive fire in Somalia-Defenceweb
  48. Somali minister among 15 killed in extremist attack on hotel
  49. Kenya aims to cut size of Somali refugee camp by about half by end-2016-Reuters?
  50. Somalia: Al-Shabab attack at Nasa Hablod hotel kills 15-Al jazeera
  51. Somalia: 150,000 Refugees to Leave Camp By December
  52. Somalia: Tributes to minister killed in al-Shabab hotel attack-BBC

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