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    Updated May 23

  1. Dozens killed in al Shabaab fighting in Somalia, attacks in capital
  2. Somali Women Should Start a Socio-political Movement
  3. Somaliland’s Resolve for Recognition
  4. Somalia's new international bank brings more debit cards to war-torn country
  5. Young woman sets out to learn the Quran, verse by verse (Minnesota)
  6. SOMALIA:Who Was Central Hotel’s Suicide Bomber Luul Dahir?
  7. No significant breakthrough in Somaliland talks
  8. Rehabilitating Somalia's former al-Shabab fighters
  9. Understanding Somalia’s Progress and Challenges: Q&A
  10. Djibouti:Location, location, location
  11. Somaliland:Government and opposition parties talks on disputed election timeline to resume next week
  12. Ethiopia and America: Aiding Repression
  13. Somalia Impact Report:The World Citizens Panel
  14. Somalia:Is Puntland ready for self reliance?
  15. Moving Home from London to Mogadishu-BBC video
  16. Somaliland:Ongoing deliberations will break the impasse
  17. My Negative Fortune (remittance ban)
  18. Somaliland:VP launches major fishery firm at lughaya
  19. Somaliland: Parliament Retains Two Thirds Votes Law to Oust a Mayor
  20. Somaliland:Legislator of SL Origin Assassinated in Mogadishu, another Injured
  21. Somalia VS Somaliland-it's A Unionist VS Secessionist-video
  22. Somalia's al Shabaab fighters attack village in Kenya
  23. Mogadishu beach life returning after al-Shabab pushed out-BBC video
  24. US Woman Leaving Islam Exposes Dark Truth-video
  25. A Message From Yemeni Children to The World-video
  26. Heavy fighting between government forces and Al-Shabab in Aw-Dhegle and Mubarak costs 45 dead
  27. Heavy Censorship, Intimidation, Arbitrary Arrests And Draconian Orders Threatens Media Freedoms in Somalia Regions
  28. Al-Shabaab Recaptures Four Towns in Lower Shabelle, Southern Somalia
  29. Somalia: Militants Kill Lawmaker in Capital, Attack 2 Towns
    Updated May 22

  30. Premier Bank formally opens its doors in Somalia
  31. Democracy undermined by Mercenaries and Islamists:Will UN Ever Punish Them?
  32. Female police officers call for more involvement in the Somali Police Force
  33. In pictures: Women of Hargeisa
  34. Saudi Arabia Seeking to Head the U.N. Human Rights Council (Yes, Really)
  35. A Plot to Level a Village Isn’t News–When Targets Are Muslim and Plotter Is Christian
  36. Integration TV and its host Hodan Naleyeh tribal hatred against Somaliland
  37. Mogadishu's Lido beach: Sun, surf and... grenades?
  38. War-torn Somalia opens 2nd bank in capital
  39. Somaliland:Army Feasts on Puntland VPs’ Lunch
  40. Mogadishu's martial arts master keeps youth away from extremism-video
  41. Somalia: 1991 interview with Guurti chairman
  42. In video, Somali ISIS members court Al-Shabaab-CNN video
  43. Greatest number of refugees from Yemen arrive in Berbera
  44. How Mogadishu's Instagram star is changing the perception of Somalia-video
  45. Inspire Somalia Episode 4-video
  46. OpEd:Hate speech in Somali media perpetuates inter-clan conflict
    Updated May 21

  47. Somaliland’s Guurti Sparks a Crisis
  48. Documentary on Newstalk: Summer in Somalia-video
  49. Somaliland faces grave danger if it allows IC to get their hands in its internal affairs
  50. Somaliland: The Replicated Democratization Panacea or Blind Alley?
  51. Truth Can’t Be Silenced: Disinformation Goes Further and Dhako-Cadaan Proponents Stumble In Their Way to Failure
  52. The 8 craziest conspiracy theories on Osama bin Laden's bookshelf
  53. ISIS Takes Ancient City It Will Destroy
  54. Primary and Secondary School Books Donated to Schools in Mogadishu Somalia
  55. Dan Eldon- Dying to Tell the Story-video
  56. Yemenis fleeing to Somaliland struggle for survival
  57. Somalian 16-year-old escapes for a new life
  58. Somalia Listed as Worst Country for Maternal Health
  59. They’re Not ‘Minnesotans,’ They’re Somali Muslims, Working for the Enemy
  60. Struggling Minneapolis man, facing child support, goes to Syria to fight for Islamic State
  61. Fadumo Dayib: A onetime refugee aims high
  62. Yemeni refugees languish at camp in Djibouti
  63. White widow commands 'army of 200 female jihadis to carry out suicide bomb attacks'
  64. Minnesota gets a taste of Somali food
  65. Why opposition unity is a choice
  66. SOMALIA:Somaliland forces withdraw from Talex
  67. Mogadishu Diaries:Telling the stories of daily life in Somalia-video
  68. The 3 major political challenges Somalia must overcome|Nick Kay-video
  69. Instability in Somalia Druebert by CJ Johnson-video
  70. Somalia outrage at remittance bans
  71. Over 900 Refugees arrive in Northern Somalia port town
  72. Former Prime Minister To Seattle Somalis: Come Home To Build Democracy
  73. UAE People & Politics:The ongoing campaign to save Somalia
  74. Looking beyond the lamplight: Measuring resilience in Somalia
  75. Somalia:Back from the Brink-BBC audio
  76. Meet the Somali Pirates
  77. Somalia denies deal over deportees from Denmark
  78. Burundi Might Leave Somalia As U.S. Cuts Aid

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  • Sweden-Residing Somali Woman Leaves Islam after Reading the Koran-video
  • Somalia registers record exports of 5 million livestock in 2014
  • U.S. Congress: Don’t Back Settlements, Vote NO on Fast Track
  • Deadly attacks on African immigrants in South Africa
  • How Blogging is Held Hostage by Ethiopian Politics
  • Time to End the ‘Zabiha’ halal slaughter
  • "This is not a container, it's a prison". Dawitt Isaak and other journalists are held in such Eritrean prisons.
  • Islamist court in Texas. No Islamic law in America
  • Ex-Muslims'Islamophobia:Few comments on the case of Ayaan Hersi Ali
  • Women in Islam: A Woman, 33-year-old Safiyo Ahmed Jumale, was stoned to death in Barawe
  • Gender-based Violence
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