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    Updated Apr 24

  1. Somaliland: Politicians Accept Postponement of Elections Gracefully
  2. Ten Things You Should Know About the So-called Somaliland for Dummies
  3. Seattle’s Smartest Global Women: Sahra Farah
  4. A New Generation Will Educate the World
  5. The Fate of Yemen
  6. Pictures: Mozambiqan man under attack in South Africa
  7. Daring Abroad:Kenyans find home in Somali land-video
  8. Kenya Al-Shabaab Recruits:Hundreds Suspected of Joining Militant Group
  9. Somalia passes law to curb foreign workers
  10. China Comes to Djibouti
  11. It Happened to Me:Female Circumcision Left Me Scarred for Life
  12. Somalia's al-Shabab kills man for 'insulting prophet'
  13. Why the wall Kenya is building on its border with Somalia is a terrible idea
  14. Increased al-Shabaab attacks in East Africa a sign of weakness: Experts
    Updated Apr 23

  15. Somaliland:Release human rights defender, Guleid Ahmed Jama
  16. Somalia’s democratic transformation: Options for 2016
  17. Why ISIS Advises Western Jihadists to Carry Nerf Guns and Condoms
  18. How Eritrea, Ethiopia Impose Censorship
  19. South Africa: We Want Somalian Shop, Not a Church
  20. Why Somali Grandmas And Aid Workers Might Be Short On Cash
  21. For Military Operations From Somalia to Saudi Arabia, Hope Is a 4-Letter Word
  22. Saudi Arabia's First 'Halal' Sex Shop In Mecca Hopes To Challenge Stereotypes About Muslim Women
  23. Rep. Ellison: Terror recruits are in the dark, hard to reach
  24. Workshop Report: Adopting and implementing Somaliland’s draft policy framework on internal displacement
  25. Al-Shabab Militia Kidnapped Senior Mandera Chief, Politicians Call for Complete Withdraw of Kenyan Army from Somalia
  26. We will help you stop Khat chewing practice in Somalia, assures Somali youths after visit by anti-khat activist from the UK
  27. Army Units Deployed to Stop Teleh Fighting + Video
  28. Africa Today-The state of democracy in Somalia-video
  29. Women's rights to Education in Somalia and the UK-video
  30. Somalia seeks to drive militants from southern valley bases: PM
  31. Somalia: Private Company granted license to patrol Puntland waters
  32. For mothers of terrorism suspects, nothing but sorrow
  33. Blockade of Yemeni Ports Has Unintended Consequences on Food Security, Somali Fishing Industry
  34. Kenya’s Sorrow and How the U.S. Fueled Al-Shabab in Somalia
  35. Somalia's al Shabaab kills senior military officer in Mogadishu
  36. The short road to self-employment in Somalia:ICRC vocational training
  37. Somalia’s Banana Exporters A Happy Lot As Security Improves
  38. Somali PM sees risk to his country in Yemen strife
  39. The power of forgiveness: Amanda Lindhout on giving back to the country that took her freedom
    Updated Apr 22

  40. Somaliland:Activist Who Questioned Executions Detained-HRW
  41. Somaliland:SFG Claim Rights to Berbera Port Investment Contracting
  42. UNICEF pays tribute to colleagues killed and injured in Somalia attack
  43. Kenya’s Sorrow:the US Connection
  44. Beyond The Violent Headlines, This Woman's Instagram Shows A Different Side To Daily Life In Somalia
  45. General Wesley Clark:Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years
  46. Yemeni refugees fleeing Saudi air strikes find peace but little else in Somaliland
  47. How Blogging is Held Hostage by Ethiopian Politics
  48. U.S. Somali recruiter not dead, still active in Syria: officials
  49. Migrant shipwreck:one child’s journey from Somalia to the shores of Italy
  50. Muslim woman embraces America from behind the wheel of a cab(Wisconsin)
  51. The Splintering of Somalia Has Crippled Education
  52. My walk back to Somalia-video
  53. Promoting Women's Political Participation for Development of Peace and Security in Somalia-video
  54. A childhood without FGM | UNICEF-video
  55. Somalia's Premier Bank to bring ATMs, debit cards to Mogadishu
  56. Somalia:the changing spectrum of Islam and counterterrorism

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  • Time to End the ‘Zabiha’ halal slaughter
  • "This is not a container, it's a prison". Dawitt Isaak and other journalists are held in such Eritrean prisons.
  • Islamist court in Texas. No Islamic law in America
  • Ex-Muslims'Islamophobia:Few comments on the case of Ayaan Hersi Ali
  • Comments on constitutional anarchy
  • Women in Islam: A Woman, 33-year-old Safiyo Ahmed Jumale, was stoned to death in Barawe
  • Gender-based Violence
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2. Somalia:The Death of a Terrorist: A turning point?
3. Time to End the ‘Zabiha’ halal slaughter
4. Ex-Muslims' Islamophobia:Few comments on the case of Ayaan Hersi Ali
5. Freedom of press in Somaliland and Hubaal and Haatuf's forced closures

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