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    Updated July 4

  1. Somaliland: 'Business unusual’ can still work
  2. Somaliland:Events That Led to the Country’s Two Independences of 1960 & 1991
  3. Somalia Political Strategies Benefit Somalia President, Aim to Cripple Somaliland
  4. Alwaleed bin Talal: meet the Saudi prince giving away all his money
  5. Somaliland:“We Have not Received Weapons from UAE”-Sahil Governor
  6. What a Trial in Pakistan Reveals About Women Who Choose Fundamentalist Islam
  7. How I began manufacturing solar lights for my community
  8. Somalia Hires First Six Female Prosecutors
  9. Rights group slams illegal US drone attacks in Somalia
  10. Ex-Minister of Interior Elected as Galmudug President
  11. Two 'cutters' explain why they perform FGM on young girls

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  • Sweden-Residing Somali Woman Leaves Islam after Reading the Koran-video
  • Somalia registers record exports of 5 million livestock in 2014
  • U.S. Congress: Don’t Back Settlements, Vote NO on Fast Track
  • Deadly attacks on African immigrants in South Africa
  • How Blogging is Held Hostage by Ethiopian Politics
  • Time to End the ‘Zabiha’ halal slaughter
  • "This is not a container, it's a prison". Dawitt Isaak and other journalists are held in such Eritrean prisons.
  • Islamist court in Texas. No Islamic law in America
  • Ex-Muslims'Islamophobia:Few comments on the case of Ayaan Hersi Ali
  • Women in Islam: A Woman, 33-year-old Safiyo Ahmed Jumale, was stoned to death in Barawe
  • Gender-based Violence

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Recent articles

1. Comments on constitutional anarchy Updated news
2. Somalia:The Death of a Terrorist: A turning point?
3. Time to End the ‘Zabiha’ halal slaughter
4. Ex-Muslims' Islamophobia:Few comments on the case of Ayaan Hersi Ali
5. Freedom of press in Somaliland and Hubaal and Haatuf's forced closures

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