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    Updated July 25

  1. Protests in Somaliland as military court issues death sentences
  2. Somaliland: British embassy Refuses Mayor to Grant Visa on Animal Cruelty
  3. Somaliland: SCA Whistle Blows on Deputy Livestock Minister
  4. Lack of Security in Somalia: Who is to Blame?
  5. Somaliland, Puntland agree to de-escalate Sanaag tensions
  6. The Unique Election-Somalia 2016!
  7. Turkish embassy in Somalia to control Gulen-run schools-Anadolu Agency?
  8. QRCS Serves More than 175,000 Beneficiaries in Somalia-Qatar Red Crescent Society
  9. Somali women advocate for greater political participation
  10. Puntland: Minister of Information restricts free speech, harasses and threatens journalists
  11. Somali Perspectives on Piracy and Illegal Fishing
  12. Somalia: Presidential Elections to Be Held On December, Source
  13. Somalia: 250 Detained in Mogadishu Security Swoop
  14. Barbaric:Father beaten to pulp for refusing to allow his daughter circumcised
    Updated July 24

  15. Somaliland Book Festival Aims to Promote Culture, Preserve Language-Voice of America
  16. Somaliland: Silanyo pledges to hold polls on time, meets with EU delegates
  17. Somaliland: Catalyzing Trade and Investment
  18. Somaliland: "Progress Discernible for Holding Timely, Free and Fair Elections"
  19. The Story of a Somali Olympian Refugee Who Died At Sea Is the Subject of a New Graphic Novel
  20. Somaliland: UNICEF Helps Alleviate Water Shortages
  21. Somaliland: Kenyan Trade for Recognition
  22. Somaliland military court sentences 8 soldiers to death
  23. Turkish embassy in Somalia to control Gulen-run schools-Anadolu Agency
  24. Somalia: Puntland State TV presenters strike over unpaid salaries
  25. Mogadishu: evolution of an African capital - in pictures-The Guardian
  26. Al Qaeda Offshoot Offers Camels for Obama's Head, Hens for Hillary Clinton's
  27. Somaliland: State Castigates Egyptian Military Equipment Donation to Somalia
  28. Homa Hoodfar, Expert on the World's Muslim Women, Imprisoned in Iran
  29. What It's Like To Be A Muslim Student This Presidential Election-video
  30. Toilets, not politics define what is wrong with Kenya-The Standard Digital News
  31. More trade with Kenya would win Somali land recognition
  32. Somalia's nascent love affair with books is blossoming as safety returns to the country
  33. The Electoral Commission in Somaliland Has Provided a Just Ruling on the issue of Shared ownership of the UCID Political Party
  34. Nearly 6,000 New Cases Of Female Genital Mutilation Recorded In Britain: Report
  35. Somaliland: Who is the wolf in a sheep clothing
  36. SOMALILAND: "Democratic Process Is the System We Have Chosen In Making A Political Change" -Presidency Minister
  37. SOMALILAND: Haji Abdi Warabe Warns Politicians of Reviving Tribalism
  38. Somaliland: 9th Edition of Hargeisa International Book Fair Kicks Off
  39. Somaliland: Political, economic impact of Berbera port agreement for the country

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